Joint programs of Notre Dame Law School and the Klau Center, the LL.M. and J.S.D. Programs in International Human Rights Law offer Master’s and Doctoral degrees to human rights defenders from around the world.


International human rights are studied in the national, regional and international contexts. Graduating students will have a comprehensive understanding of human 

Develop capacity and ability to work in a variety of fields of human rights; 3. “The advanced master programme in EIHRL has been a truly invaluable learning experience. It has equipped me with a comprehensive knowledge of human rights law at the international as well as regional levels. The programme has however also allowed me to comprehend issues beyond the law, especially interactions of law and politics and culture.” The Master’s Degree Programme in International Law and Human Rights provides students with specialised expertise in public international law and the protection of human rights. The Master’s Degree Programme in International Law and Human Rights is designed to prepare its graduates for challenging careers in international and non-governmental organisations and public administration. The Master's Degree in Human Rights, Interculturality and Development proposes the construction of a comprehensive and contextualized vision of the concept of Human Rights in the European sphere. In this sense, we connect with the efforts being made from Europe to establish avenues for Development Cooperation with Latin America and Africa.

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Please direct all questions to application(at) We will be … Program Overview. International Human Rights Law considers protection of the individual as developed through organs of the United Nations, other international institutions, and at regional and domestic levels in the North and in the South. The master's specialisation Human Rights and Migration will give you insight in how international and European legal instruments influence the position and mobility of citizens in the EU and how the major international documents and courts protect the rights of individuals.

LLM International Human Rights - Deltid, på The University of Law Postgraduate Programmes , . Få all information om masterprogrammet och kontakta skolan 

Teachers and researchers are committed to the view that human rights need to be regarded and studied, not only as ethical principles or ground for law and policy, but also as part of the infrastructure of a Specially designed for law and non-law graduates who want to gain a Master’s qualification in law, this course focuses specifically on developing an in-depth knowledge of International Human Rights Law and exploring how international law gets involved to protect human rights across the globe. Human rights law is a system of international and domestic laws designed to protect and promote rights and freedoms which have been identified as essential to human dignity.

-Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Finnish Yearbook of International Law;. -National Director of the European Master's Programme in Human Rights and.

Master programme in international human rights law

For more than a quarter of a century, the programme has been a collaborative venture by the Faculty of Law at Lund University and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human The Master's Programme in International Human Rights Law is one of the leading Master's Programmes in Human Rights in the world. For more than 20 years, the Master's Programme has been a key educational path for the development of knowledge, skills and competencies for high-skilled professionals in the field of human rights and humanitarian law. The Master of Laws in International Human Rights Law in Lund was one of the first LL.M programmes in the world established specifically to provide for the academic mastery of an increasingly complex area: the international law of human rights.

Master programme in international human rights law

The Master's Degree Programme in International Law and Human Rights consists of compulsory studies in international and human rights law as well as elective studies.
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The International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law enhances the legal protection of existing and emerging international human rights obligations through advocacy, knowledge-exchange, and capacity-building initiatives that provide experiential learning opportunities for students and legal expertise to civil society.
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Master programme in international human rights law

Options include core international modules on international human rights law, international criminal law, international refugee and migration law, All Masters programmes consist of 180 credits, made up of taught modules of 30 or 15 credits, taught over 10 or 20 weeks,

in Human Rights Law often appeals to students who want to make a difference in the world. These LL.M. programs are ideal for those who want to understand human rights laws, which, by their very nature are complicated: there are many intersecting layers of regulations, as well as a patchwork of shifting international and national laws that govern LLM International Human Rights Law. The LLM International Human Rights Law degree at Lund University in Lund, Sweden is a 2-year, full-time program that seeks to prepare students to work in law firms, international organizations, courts, private companies, and various other sectors working within the field of human rights.

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The Master's Programme in Human Rights Policy and Practice and has a unique interdisciplinary

The Master of Laws (LLM) programme provides an ideal opportunity for students to acquire or develop their expertise in specialist legal subject areas informed As well as offering popular programmes in Commercial Law, International Law and Oil & Gas such as public law for government or human rights law for NGOs. Distance Learning: LL 2014-10-31 Dr McCall-Smith is a senior lecturer in Public International Law and programme director for the LLM in Human Rights. She joined the Law School on a permanent basis in 2014 having contributed to a number of international law and human rights law courses since 2008. LLM International Human Rights Law Online.